International Symposium on Meskhetian Turks in the 70th year of Deportation

“International Symposium on Meskhetian Turks in the 70th year of Exile” will be hosted by our university in 14-15 November 2014 with the cooperation of Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Turks Abroad and Relative Communities Presidency, TİKA, TRT, Çorum Mayor, Çorum Governorate, ÇTSO Presidency. The aim of the symposium on legal, political, social, economic and cultural identity of Meskhetian Turks is to support Meskhetian Turks preserving their national cultural identity by creating awareness about Meskhetian Turks who were exiled during the Second World War in 1944. Therefore, it is aimed that proceedings presented and views discussed will contribute to the scientific evaluation of Meskhetian Turks within the framework of past, present and future; detecting problems and offering solutions; strengthening the social, cultural and economic connections between relative communities.

Scientists and politicians from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Asmara (Eritrea) and Russia as well as those from our country will attend our symposium which will be held in Anitta Hotel.  

All our staff and the public is invited to attend the event including such social activities as Meskhetian music and poem concert and Ankara State Turkish World Music Ensemble Concert.